Dog-friendly coz we know they are part of the family too!

We love pets and understand how difficult it is to find accommodations that permit dogs, which is why our suites are dog friendly. However we are not a dog resort and have put in place the dog-friendly policy based on trust of our guests, as responsible dog owners. Hence we would appreciate guests who bring their dogs respect our suites and adhere to our rules for the comfort of all other guests. 

We will require that you sign the "stay with pet agreement" on check-in.

Only social and 100% house-trained (i.e. trained to toilet outside) pets are permitted at the suites both for security and the protection of our property. Dogs are not permitted to toilet any where indoors.

We request that you ensure your dogs have been vaccinated against rabies and infectious diseases within one year. Please understand we cannot accept dogs that are going through their menstruation cycle.

Before entering the suites from outdoors, please ensure your fur baby's paws are cleaned with the wet towels provided.

For large dogs, a maximum of 2 per suite are allowed. For small and medium dogs, a maximum of 3 per suite are allowed.

Pets are not allowed on any furniture. 

Please also do not use the bath or shower facilities in the suites to bathe your dogs. 

Always clean up after your pets. This applies not only on our property but also to the surrounding area. Please respect our future guests and other residents of the community by cleaning up after your pets. Please dispose of your dog's poo bags in the designated bin located outside the facilty.

We understand accidents happen. If your dog has marked or excreted in the suites, please use the cleaning tools provided to ensure this has been cleaned up. 

When walking your pets, they must always be on a leash. Please ensure that the surrounding farm land is respected and you do not trespass onto their property. We would appreciate if you would make every effort to stop your dog barking excessively while on our property and while in the suites.

In case of any unexpected accidents or damage such as injury, death, theft, escape, etc. of your dog or your belongings on our property, please note that we will not be held responsible.

Pet parents are 100% responsible for any damage caused by their pets. The suites are inspected and cleaned thoroughly between each guest making damage identifiable to the immediately preceeding guest.

Please note that there will be a charge for any damage or stains in the suites, facilities, furniture, equipment, etc. caused by your dog. Costs for cleaning and/or damage repairs will be at the discretion of 縁 EN – The Suites Furano.

Please provide us with details about your pets when making your reservations. We reserve the right to decline or cancel any booking if we are not comfortable that the house rules for pets will be observed.